Dueling Pianos

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Join us for Dueling Pianos the second Wednesday of each month at the Sawmill Calgary Trail location. A $5 per person Entertainment fee will be applied to your guest check at the end of this amazing event.

Featuring: The Grand Dueling Piano Show

The Grand Dueling Piano Show presents you with a world-class performance you won’t forget. Combining the talents of Sean Sonego, Katie Perman and Spenser Poole, the GDP show provides you with a high-octane, all request party. It’s all about fun when they hit the stage together, and a combined 15 years of career experience makes it effortless. You’ll witness dance routines, crowd interaction, kazoos, and non-stop laughter as they play their way through the likes of Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, The Backstreet Boys, Beyoncé, Eminem and pretty well everything else. They bring the entire show to you; 2 piano shells, professional lights and sound. Each show holds something new. Even they won’t know what to expect!

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