Heroes of Public Service

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This event on December 13, 2019 has inspired the team at the Fort Saskatchewan Sawmill to honor those Heroes of Public Service that keep our community safe, educated and cared for. The first 7 days of every month the Sawmill will offer a 15% food discount to those working in public service including First Responders, RCMP, Hospital, Correctional Facility, Schools Teachers, and City Workers.

Friday, December 13, 2019 the Sawmill Prime Rib & Steak House, Fort Saskatchewan experienced a fire in a detached shed behind the Steak House.

The fire was identified by Chef  Ismael when taking out the trash. Immediately General Manager Chelsea Jackson called 911 to report the emergency. Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department and RCMP response time was excellent. Firefighters quickly identified the scope of the emergency and were able to contain very quickly.

The purpose of sharing this story is not because First Responders did the job that they are trained to do but for providing a level of service that in our opinion goes above and beyond the call of duty. While identifying the scope of the fire, firefighters asked for a key to the door to the burning shed. By opening the door properly with a key they minimized the damages and costs to repair. Firefighters had to remove empty bottles, kegs and patio furniture to fully extinguish the fire. Once the fire was completely extinguished, firefighters asked if they could help return the belongings to the shed or if they could dispose of properly in the garbage bins nearby. Firefighters used shovels and brooms to clean up 100% of the debris, disposed all of the burnt patio furniture & broken bottles and return the empty kegs to the shed.  They then closed the door behind them, locked it, and returned the key.

None of the staff at the Sawmill had the equipment, coveralls, nor safety gear to protect ourselves from the elements which is why we were so appreciative to have the fire fighters dispose of the burnt artifacts and clean up the area for us.

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